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Alice Woodstock / 19 Mar 3305
Low Oxygen

For some time I'm traveling at Distant Worlds 2 expedition, nothing particularly interesting, at least for me. I just want to reach Beagle Point. I'm a little tired right now and very anxious.

Commanders need to have fun too, and I was missing a hug, a kiss. I stopped at colonia for too much time. But at least I found some friends who would give me a hug to cure my broken heart. It was a long time but memories were disturbing me. A time when I was in love, a time when a girl like me was caring and I never gave the love she deserved. She just broke up with me and I leave, to know the universe thinking love wasn't for me.

With all these memories I was lost. I leave the station completely drunk and behind the schedule. Hit the walls of the station but didn't stop to look back, despite my desire was end my life at the arms of a girl.

With very much effort I arrived at waypoint 6, using neutron jump to speed up my trip. At the way at waypoint seven, still thinking of how things went that wrong in my life. I was feeling useless, as an explorer, as a photographer, as a lover, just jumping from system to system talking to myself with tears in my eyes.

Neutron jumps are easy but very tricky. A neutron star with a very low radius and my ship was almost destroyed. All systems failing and I was slow to make the jump. FSD was still working, but barely. I managed to jump, but my hull was damaged, to the point, I was losing oxygen. I was thinking my life would end here.

With no chance of surviving, at last, I would die fighting. With an extra map I found Grim Pioneer was the nearest station 77 jumps, impossible to make. I made jumps until my last second, and automatically my ship auto destroyed and put me floating at an escape pod. I was thinking no one would find me in this lost sector in the way to waypoint 7.

Turns out police was at my tail, reckless flying is taking very seriously at colonia and I woke up at Grim Pioneer, a detention facility, just one jump from waypoint 7. I was again lucky, maybe it's time to stop using neutron jumps. I'm not emotionally stable to do that anymore. My exploration data was lost, but at least I was alive and oddly, more close to my destination than before.
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CMDR Alice Woodstock
Explorer / Trader
19 Mar 3305
Low Oxygen
Alice Woodstock
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Alice Woodstock
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