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IntexGaming / 20 Mar 3305
My past adventures... Now I am back. Commanders log #0001

It's been a while since I did a log of my travels in space and that's because I have been away from the pilots seat to pursue other paths but before we proceed any further. I want to tell you a past story of why I left this life to explore another.

It all started 3 years ago. I was a new pilot, fresh out of training. I had just passed my flight exam to become a space farer. My dream to travel the stars and discover new civilisations that were waiting out there. My travels took me far and wide, to star systems I didn't even know could exist. I was fasinated by how much there really was to discover out there in the vast emptiness of space. But that was it. Emptiness. I had no goal or objective. I felt empty. I guess this is how many new pilots feel when they finally get to take off their training wings. They all want to fly but when they finally get to, they don't know what to do with it. Well I was also one of those people.

I heard on the galnet that the federation were looking for new pilots to join. People to join their cause. A cause worth fighting for. They offered a chance for exploration, to expand our skills to become better pilots and to find our purpose. As a young pilot, I felt an obligation to join to see this for myself. I decided to pledge allegence to Zachary Hudson. The president of the federation and started my new path of a federation pilot.

My first mission was the expansion of a space station. Using what I had earned, I outfitted my ship for the cargo and started my journey to rebuild. All I had was a a cobra mk III at the time and cargo was not what it was built for so I gave up with the cargo runs and started to fight.

My second mission was the protections of cargo ships travelling to the system. With nothing more than burst lasers, I started to fight anyone who would try and attack, and I was good at it. Combat was never something I thought I would do in space, I came here to get away from the fighting on earth but I felt something. Something that I never thought I would. You see, combat is something that every pilot has to learn but we practice on drones. Its nothing compared to the adrenline of real combat. The excitement and fear all wrapped up into one emotion. You knew this was wrong to do, to kill but then you think about those you saved along the way. The crazy maneuvers that you can try. Dogfighting in space, chasing down a target while they chase you. It felt almost like a game to me. Every kill would get us closer to our goal and every kill would ensure that many other survived. This was my reasoning for doing this. Well until it all went wrong that is.

I had been a combat pilot for a couple of months now, completing mission after mission. Helping the federation towards their ultimate goals but this was about to change. This time, the federation became the villans of the story. I had just been promoted Petty Officer within the federation. Granting me access back to sol but before I could arrive, I got a call from one of my wingmen. FGRELITE. We had fought on mission together before and we became close friends and when you are flying out into the emptiness of space, you need friend. He said he had a mission for us, one that came straight from HQ. This time we were attacking the empire.
I had heard things about the empire before and how they were mostly slavers, pirates and murderers so I felt obliged to join him on this mission. We traveled to empire controlled space and started to attack empire ships out in war but you see, unlike protections, war is different. All we had to do was kill. There were no consequences, no repercussion, just kill or be killed. I started to question why we would do this? Why would we just kill without purpose? There was no point to all this and so I left the fight. FGRELITE stayed to fight. He had always been a soldier type. Always completing the mission but this... This was just senseless violence and so I fled the war.

On my way back to HQ, I was ambushed by imperial ships. The had interdicted me out of supercruise, identified me as a federation soldier and started to open fire. I was in a diamondback explorer by this point and knew I couldn't take on imperial ships but what I had was speed and maneuvability. I had to use this to my advantage. I thrusted away from the imperial ships but there weapons were superior. Being able to track at longer ranges, I thought this was the end for me. That my journey would end here but out of no where, my wingman FGRELITE showed up. He was flying a federal assault ship and managed to distract them. I saw an opportunity to turn on the imperial ships and took it. Long story short, we won... barely. Badly damaged, we fled to the nearest federation controlled space for repairs.

We made it to one of the space stations and repaired our ships but the sight of war, the mindlessness of it all. It was too much. I told FGRELITE that I was planning on leaving the federation and he told me a story about how the federation went after people who wanted to leave. How they hunted them down to kill them. This put fear into my heart and so I stayed. A month later me and FGRELITE were sent on a mission to destory a notorious pirate that had been causing havok for federation transport ships in one of the systems, this is what I had signed on for. To protect others and so we accepted. When we arrived at the co-ordinates, we found the ship we was after and opened fire on the ship. Little did we know that this was a federation deserter but we carried out our mission and destoryed the ship. Back at HQ, we was congragulated for our mission of destorying the deserter and it was at this point I realised that the federation wasn't as good as they made out to be. I thought to myself, that could have been me. I could have been that deserter and betrayed by the ones I called friends. It was at this point I left. I flew as far as I could. Away from the federation and into alliance space. After all, I had no where else to go.

I worked with the alliance for sometime after that as a bounty hunter, working within RES or resource extraction sites location. I felt more like security than a bounty hunter and justified my actions like this. Months flew by, flying from system to system, protecting miners, freighters and passengers. I had finally found my calling until it was taken away from me. It was a normal job, a normal day in space. Protect the miners but this was no normal site. It was close to federation space and guess who showed up... Federation. They attacked the miners and I fought back but this was too much. My ship was badly damaged. The miners were killed and I saw no other option than to flee but they chased me down. They had one goal. Destroy me and they nearly did. My only chance for survival now was to eject.

After that, I went into hiding. Using what I had left to my advantage. I created a new name, a new alas for myself and started to rebuild what I had. But better, but this wasn't going to be easy. And this is where our new story begins.
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