Logbook entry

Argon / 20 Mar 3305
DW2 – Mission Day 65 – On the way WP8

After a short break, I have to keep up with the fleet, which left WP7 a few days ago.

I spend some hours at Explorer's Anchorage. A beautiful station, fantastic achievement of the fleet. It is great to see this new station becoming fully functional. A new beacon of mankind in the dark, and for sure I will always come back when I am back at the center of the Galaxy.

I left the last station on the trip in the dark behind and set course for the overdue visit of the big beast, Sagitarius A*

It is just as impressive as I had been told. A view, which I will never forget.

I set a direct course towards WP8, continuing extensive usage of the neutron highway.

On my way, I found several new water worlds – always my favorites:

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