Logbook entry

Scubadog / 20 Mar 3305
I Had "The Talk", Then Everything Broke

This was definitely unexpected. You recall that my new crewmember, Malina, nearly wrecked my ship while I was canyon carving in the fighter? When we got back to Explorer's Anchorage to repair the ship I sat her down to find out what the hell she was thinking and figure out if I was going to keep her on board. She was very apologetic. For some odd reason, she let "brass fever" take over and drive her to think it would be more appropriate to follow right behind me as I cruised break-neck through the canyon. I reminded her that, regardless of how well I'd engineered the thrusters, The Ceti Azeria is a big ship and can't handle that kind of handling. That's what fighters do. I told her she doesn't need to impress me, just do what needs to be done and follow orders. Use a little common sense. I think she learned her lesson. We'll see.

So, after a good night's rest we climbed back aboard the ship, ran through the pre-flight checks, barked at Eden to launch. But nothing happened. No response, no winding up of the engines, no nothing. We repeated the pre-flight. Still dead. Everything should work. I did a cold boot of the systems, but Eden was not responding. Digging into the ship's mainframe, I could see all her code was there. The configuration file was intact. What the actual? I tried manually starting up of main systems, but even those wouldn't respond. It was as if Eden had gotten a will of her own, decided to extricate herself from the ship and take all her toys (and some of mine) with her. So, now, for the past few days, Malina and I have been disassembling control components to find what's causing this. In the meantime, we are stuck at Explorer's Anchorage while everyone else is leaving.

I'm beyond frustrated.
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