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Roober the Stroober / 20 Mar 3305
Too Close For Comfort

Well, here I am out past Sagittarius A, swapping time between seeing the sights with some fellow commanders, and actually exploring undiscovered parts of the galaxy for myself instead of surveying R2R routes for other companies.

I should digress a little to explain that being over 25k light years from the bubble ended up being a necessity...

Remember a few entries back where it seemed as though I was being watched? Well, as it turns out I was right. Apparently, the Federation are experimenting with more than just the recently discovered Guardian technology that everyone has been buzzing about. They're still trying to figure out how some of the systems on my old ship work. By old ship, I mean the one they found me in; mangled and mostly dead, only to scoop it up and cart it off to some super-secret facility so they could study it and, I guess, make use of it (You can read all the details in my previous entries.).

Long story short, I just finish my check ride in my new Anaconda when I'm approached by a couple of goons who say they need to "have a word with me about some tech I apparently have developed." Naturally I told them I had no clue what they were talking about and, in truth, I don't! My memory of that ship and that life seems nowhere near resurfacing any time soon. Also naturally, they didn't buy it.

The next few moments were such a blur. All I remember was seeing one goon pointing a pistol at me, and the other saying I was going to cooperate for the good of the Federation. The next thing I know, both are on the ground holding their knees, writhing around in pain, and I'm dismantling the guy's gun and scattering the parts in trash cans, drain ports, and every other place I can find as I'm running back to the hangar bay.

A quick systems check found the "Pilgrim's Progress" in the same shiny, new condition I had just left it in earlier that day. I made a hasty departure request, slipped through the mail slot at slightly higher a velocity than allowed, and made the jump to the first bookmarked system in my nav panel. Fortunately, it was my tech broker friend who, having no love for the federation himself, had my 'conda ready for the DW2 expedition in record time. I made a couple more stops to stock up on supplies and made my way to WP1 where I was easily lost in the 6000+ ships that launched for the galactic core.

I don't know if they are willing to chase me across the Milky Way for what they think I know, but I'm keeping my head on a swivel for now...

Roober the Stroober | Commanding Officer | 2TK-DW "Pilgrim's Progress"
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