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Droges / 23 Mar 3305
Should have called mom.

journal: ?? 3305
Location: Station Security, Inara

log book entry 7?  That could be right?
How many days I have been in this room is something I can not guess.
How can they allow this?  Does anyone know I am here?  
I should have called my mom more.

Now I am stuck looking in this white room wondering what is going on?

I am starting to wonder if someone is out to get me?  I certainly pissed someone off.
Perhaps the bottle is not my greatest friend as I had thought? It seems it has caused me some misfortune.

Oh how I long to get out of here.  shits going to gAT real in thez har parts.

Now I think of times with just the bottle and I to pass the time.
I remember flying a scavenge mission thinking I could swoop in grab a few pieces before the pirates or whoever came in try to take me out. With the Dolphin it was not a smart choice.  I have learned before how it is  nothing but a flying sausage.  But here I was still flying it on this type of mission.
Needless to say, .. I got shoot out of space before I could engage the thrusters  for supercruise as I so cleverly planed  OR  for my Federal friends to come in.

...That....sadly cost me a great deal of money between the ship itself, the exploration data
and a few bounties that i hadn't claimed, I knew better.
-Apparently  not, now I am stuck in this room for Fr@CK*nG SAcks!..
  easy.. .
Do you like it?

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CMDR Droges
Freelancer / Privateer
23 Mar 3305
Should have called mom.
23 Feb 3305
Mission failed
22 Feb 3305
In over my head
10 Feb 3305
Starting Out
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