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Roober the Stroober / 24 Mar 3305
Oops! Did You Bump Your FSD?

If Emergency drops-outs sent up flares, yesterday’s route towards Goliath’s Rest would have lit up the galaxy like a Christmas tree (If you’re wondering what a Christmas tree is, check old Earth (Sol) history, about 1,300 years ago. I came across some old writings and found it quite fascinating.). Maybe my eyes are getting old, maybe my controls need calibrating, maybe I’m losing my touch as a pilot (That would be pretty bad this far from civilization.); but when it came to Neutron boosts, I almost screwed the pooch on more than a few of them.

It was either an emergency drop-out, or I could hang out in the jet cone long enough to get a blue tan and…

…no supercharge.

After pulling some rabbits out of my hat, and almost burning out an AFMU with repair work, I finally made it to Waypoint 8 where I could spend a little time relaxing and participating in the SRV antics that my fellow commanders are so fond of.

If Colonia was my destination of choice after Beagle Point, it is my destination of necessity now. Please don’t tell me what my ship integrity is at the moment.

At least the feeling of being followed is gone.

For now…

Roober the Stroober | Commanding Officer | 2TK-DW "Pilgrim's Progress"
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