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N124Hawk / 24 Mar 3305
It's been a while, old girl

Admiral Y, CMDR N124Hawk
LHS 20

Eagle mkII "Shadow" NH-15C

Well, the new girl is gone, so I'm going back to an old acquaintance... While Pegasus is my ship, it is also still technically a naval ship, so it's been struck off my register and loaned to Rear Admiral Donovan from Sol 7th group. He's off gallivanting on a combat patrol overseeing the construction of Explorer's Anchorage, providing protection and command over the garrison there. He's still there for a couple of months, and it will take a few weeks to get back, even with my engineering and the guardian tech I had installed.

In the meantime, I'm finally commencing preparations for my new mission. I took leave soon after my appointment to the AX taskforce, taking a break in Deciat, meeting up with my old friend, Felicity Farseer. In the meantime, however, the damn Thargoids have started attacking even further into the bubble, so it more important than ever that I report to Aegis and get into the hunt.

Now, since I don't have Pegasus, and neither the credits or willingness to buy and outfit one of the civilian spec 'vettes from a starport, I've settled on buying a new Anaconda. So, now I'm on my way to Li-Yong Rui space to pick up a cheap conda, and fit it for anti-Xeno work. Even then, it will probably take the crew a week at least to get used to the non standard ship. I've flown as co-pilot on a Connie before, but this will be the first one I own.

Hopefully I like it.
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It's been a while, old girl
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