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Switch Killington / 24 Mar 3305
CMND Log 030: Goliath's Rest and Forward

March 24 3305  23:11 :   Arrived at Goliath's Rest a few days ago, been camping out with the other commanders.  Started to go a little stir crazy, I do some exploration to fill in down time but this waypoint is so high up I was afraid I might make a mistake with routing and get stranded outside the Galaxy.  You have to be careful jumping up or down this far from the plane.  

My ship took a heavy bump landing on this planet, but not scary heavy.  I'm going take my repair limpets out of moth balls and top me off before moving on to the other way points.  Honestly, I don't really like the itinerary for this leg, so I'm going to dig up some POIs on my own and fly out away from the fleet.

Going to hook around to Pony Heaven, Bhomaz Nebula, then Purple Rain.  Then hit the Hot Temptation and sync back up with the fleet at the Dancing Giants.

March 25 3305:  Cruising the Pony Heaven Nebula.  Pretty, but, not really getting the Pony reference.  Does it look like a pony?  Is the name a reference to something?  Did the person naming it really like Ponies?  I picked up a few more materials while in system and I'm moving on.  My next stop is only 10 jumps away, but it will be past midnight so technically I'll update tomorrow.

March 26 3305:  There's nothing here.  I'm sitting in the Bhomaz and it's just a blackhole in the middle of sparkly purple.  Not even a planet to pop down on.  Don't get me wrong, it's certainly a sight to behold but, don't know guess it's a bit underwhelming compared to things I've seen earlier on this trip.  It's funny, I distinctly remember a couple years back absolutely crapping my pants when I got too close to a blackhole.  I panicked and scrambled to shift out of there, no I drop in on them to take cool pictures.  Purple Rain is only 8 jumps from here according to my nav comp so my next update should be shortly.  I'm gonna drop into the nebula and fix up my FSD first though.

March 27 3305:  Currently in what's called "Purple Rain," a system referencing an ancient classical song from the early Information Age.  The reference is quite literal in this instance, the black hole at the center of the nebula keeps things in darkness, and many of the bodies here have high amounts of water activity, giving the water a purplish look.  It's a pretty cool system, I like it, even though it was a bit difficult to find an active geyser site.  I had to land on a couple bodies.  

The solitude is getting to me I think.  Well, that sounded a bit dramatic, I'm just getting bored I think.  After splashing around in the water I had trouble getting back on my ship.  My boarding sensor was getting triggered or something, it wasn't registering the SRV clear of obstruction.  This old junky bird has problems like that from time to time, it's the Ditsy part of her name.  Anyway, I had to dismiss and recall the ship a couple times so she could pick her own landing spot clear of anything pebbles or rocks that was causing the sensor to malfunction, and while I was chasing the ship around I ended up on top of it.  I took a picture, but its hard to make out exactly whats going on since its so dark.  So, I decided to go surfing.  I dismissed the ship, and attempted to ride it up into orbit in my SRV.  I didn't get very far, but the few seconds of descent really gave me time to think.  May be in my best interest to find some other way to fight boredom.  I applied to one of the distant worlds squadrons, maybe some people to talk to will help break up the monotony.  Heading to the Hot Temptation next.

March 28, 3305 7:42:  Blew through Hot Temptation and the Dancing Giants.  The Hottie was interesting, but nothing a heat sink couldn't handle, nothing really not worthy.  Took a few pictures but nothing I think warrants putting on the log.  Dancing Giants, well.  Well let's just say that I can firmly say I will never have a POI of my own out here that I would discover, because if I happened upon that system that had a couple binary gas giants, I wouldn't even blink.  I'd just keep trucking.  The fact that someone not only thought it was cool enough to be a POI but also have enough folks slap it up there in the star map.  Well, maybe it's just who you know or something.  It was only 10 jumps more to the base camp, where I just landed.  At least I think I did, system seems quiet, no com chatter.  I may have landed on the wrong geo site, I was coming in pretty hot I didn't have time to double check my notes.  Rumor is we're going to be here for a while, but my mats are topped off and the system is safe to fly in and out of, no risk of getting stranded on a distant star.  I'll start to exploration loops to gather data.
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