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Sholtan / 25 Mar 3305
Back at it again in another bird....

Well, this is it, i'm back in my Vulture...

Now i guess this is strange from me to start writting this, but I'm kinda getting hold and being alone most of the time get's to ya every now and then. So, last time I was in a vulture was a while ago. I used to be a pretty good bounty hunter, a little cocky for sure, but I was good. Found myself thrown up in jail after a little problem with system authorities on one of my jobs and ended up loosing it all (spent all my credits before i could finish the job, counting on making it back real quick...) and things went south. Turns out I needed to be more carefull when I'm shooting my beams, because mister space police guy was going through and grazzing him slightly is against the law!

I didn't go down without a fight, but i did go down and with no money to rebuy my ship, I felt like i was done for. Jumped back into a loaned sidewinder and started to think how I was going to get back into my bird. I had lost my freaking license to boot and being the street rat that i was, it's kinda hard to actually prove that i am who i say i am (I actually just reset my game, but thought it would be cool to include it in my story). So I earned back my license and started playing the Federation's game.

I made sure to follow the rules and started trading, was pretty good at it too. All my fancy flying back in my fighting days proved usefull to clients who wanted their deliveries done quick. Worked myself up to a Type-6 and stuck with it for a while. I just kept racking up the cash until I knew I was ready to get back into the game.

Some people would have probably turned their backs on the federation after everything that I went through under their rule. But once you start thinking about it, it's not so bad. At least you can bluff yourself out of a bad hand in the federation. I was born a street rat, but i was able to turn myself into a commander with some fake ID and my old man's Name. If I would have been part of the Empire, I would have stayed a street rat for my whole life probably! And sure there's the Alliance, they are standing strong now but how long can it really last? As soon as a real war breaks out with either of the big boys (federation and empire) they will probably have no choice but to get back to the fold. They've got the numbers and the will, but the budget? As soon as their first systems would fall, they would start loosing numbers instantly, The money the Federation and Empire are dealing with to sustain a war is just no match for the Alliance. They've done a good job so far, but to me it's just a fleeting dream, no more.

Plus, you can only really make a living as a true mercenary in a world run by corporate greed, so the choice is pretty evident. I might not like the people i work for, but i do enjoy their Credits...

Speaking of Credits, I just stumbled upon a system with two wars going on at the same time! Talk about lucky! I've got some talking to do, find out who's willing to put out the cash and evaluate my chances. It's good to be back in my Vulture... Took me a while of space trucking and loosing my mind, but with this baby all suited up for combat, I'm now more ready then ever. The galaxy better be ready, an old gun's ready to shoot again!
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