Logbook entry

Casszune / 25 Mar 3305
Picking up the pieces ✧ Adopted a faction recently

It's been 3 days now since I discovered this possibly abandoned faction, the Aisling Duval Foundation. My thoughts at the time were something along the lines of, "An Aisling faction with influence in only one system? This will not stand!!". At the time, they were in a state of Expansion from Mako so I pulled in a like-minded cmdr and we helped them move right in to the next system.

Sure the jobs were a little sketchy. Delivering data to pirate factions? Securing encoded data from destroyed ships? But we're too busy to be thinking too hard about this right now.

This morning we were able to expand into a 3rd system and have immediately begun an election against one of the factions there for control over the Governmental Environment Agency. Sure, I don't mind delivering your poll data to our faction's supposed partners, but it seems our partners during this election are another group of raiders. Looks like the shady jobs have only just begun.

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