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Avvie / 25 Mar 3305
1 | New, Old Face

After paying the sum of all my assets to my contact in the Pilots Federation I was legally declared Missing In Absentia and presumed dead from exploring Aquila's Halo. I stowed on a cargo vessel outbound to Asellus Primus and registered as a grad student from the Pilots Fed and they bought it. Now with my name changed, it doesn't mean my face has either, so for now I'll have to keep my helmet on until I can afford some sort of cellular reconstruction.

Managed to make do with the old grind and work my way up to a semi-geared Vulture. It's missing decent weapons so that'll be a target for me. I'll be aiming for Plasma Accelerators, since they're brutal against shields, but I heard the special militias of Admiral Patreus have these rapid-fire PAs so time to party with the imps (again) for the time being.

Apparently a few of the galactic powers have special modules for their loyalists, so it might be prudent to do some hopping about. But I heard there's hefty price tags on a lot of the modules so getting some millions in the bank is a mission in of itself.

I also now have an Aspx, which I see a lot of Commanders flying today. Seems quite bulky and empty in the cockpit. I also don't like how forward it sits of the ship; seeing my feet against the black of space gives me the heebie jeebies.

So now it's time to slog out the grind and make a new name for myself, and I hope my previous life gets lost and forgotten. New me, after all! No doubt I'd get recognized by someone at some point since when you see my name it's kinda similar to my last (I'm not very creative, I was only trying to fool the PF). With that said, I'm going to stay away from Squadrons and big crews for a while: Too many eyes. I might get clocked. If I do squad up, it'll have to be with a crew I would die for.

So for now, just gonna slog away in my shieldless asp, doing cargo runs. With the name change, no one will give me crap for using the Docking Computer! Gives me a chance to do pre-land checks and reports and check personal messages.
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CMDR Avvie
Freelancer / Any
25 Mar 3305
1 | New, Old Face
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