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Sholtan / 26 Mar 3305
Update on the Beimech Civil war

Well, i've been going back and forth from station to conflict zones pretty regularly in Beimech and it seems the fighting is just not gonna stop (good for me at least)... I've had a few close calls in this war, even got sent to jail again! (yeah maybe I should avoid the elligal contracts, I never seem to do well with those...) I've definitely lost some money here and there, but looks like we are at the end of our slump here. It's pretty hard to judge who's gonna win here. We've won a lot of battles for sure, but things just keep ramping up and I'm starting to think the other guys just have the bigger ships, certainly feels that way at least, I've been having a hard time getting constant kills here and there because they just keep bringing these massive haul tanks, definitely been seeing a lot of alliance chieftans for sure...

But, at least it's been doing wonders for my reputation with the Federation. As long as they keep the credits coming, I'll be happy to jump back into the black to shoot down some more ''unwanted individuals''. It's also been pretty nice to not have to travel too far to find work. For now Beimech is just a constant feed of credits for those willing to risk Death in a Hull explosion. I've been pretty close to it here and there, sometimes you just stand out too much in the battle and you become a prime target...

So I've been a little more carefull at trying to pick off key targets on the battlefield that I know I can take down fast and try to tip the battle in our favor. I know for a fact New Beimech Free have been noticing my efforts, they've become quite casual with me around. As soon as they see my Vulture drop in, they know the party's just getting started! It's as if simply being there is already a boost to their moral. Can't blame them though, It must bring confort when an oustider just swoops in and starts taking down the ''bad guys'' for ya.

Can't say I hate the attention. I've spent so much time just doing bounty hunting and trading, assassinations... I've been all over the place really (when it comes to civilised space that is) but it's always so lonely. Do the job, get paid, move on. Here, I'm starting to get familiar with some of the faces, or even just the voices on the comms during battles. I kinda like it, being a small time war hero... Might just stick around after and see where they take things next. Hopefully, more thrills are awaiting along the way....
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