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Casszune / 26 Mar 3305
Picking up the pieces ✧ Day 1 of elections

We're off to a big start in the elections. We've begun dominating the other party and I can't see this being a close race at all.

I'm more comfortable with courier missions, taking our sensitive poll data to partners but there were some unexpected follow up missions that fell into my lap afterwards. Apparently the "partners" didn't heed the messages I delivered and the faction asked me to fly to some empty planet and look for a settlement that may or may not be there and scan the data points. Not the hat I usually wear but I'll do it for the faction!

To my surprise, the settlements were in fact there. Strange, it's not on any maps. Are the authorities aware of this location? After getting the data the client was pretty happy with what they found. These activities seem pretty far from election campaigning but hey, I'm not paid to think. Whatever shady thing they're doing, it's working.

I did have a delivery to this faction's home system and took a second to fly by the first station and suddenly it all made sense.

So our roots were based in piracy all along! I'm moved! To think that we're working towards legitimate business from such a chaotic past, all for our princess! Let's keep it up and win these elections!

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