Logbook entry

Protoculturejunkie / 29 Mar 3305
Return From Sag A & Colonia

It has been five days since I docked at Explorer's Anchorage. I rested there for a bit before taking off to finally see Sag A for myself. After viewing it I made my way to Colonia via the neutron highway that heads out that way. Despite traveling what must be a fairly common route I was still able to discover a few neutron stars myself. Once there I investigated a couple of the NSPs before docking with the Dove Enigma. Again I was able to sell off enough celestial data to go straight to being allied with the system's controlling faction with just the first page. And while I was grateful that I didn't run into any hostile commanders in any of those three locations I was disappointed I didn't run into any commanders at all. Oh well, them's the breaks.

I dropped underneath the center plane of the galaxy and began taking the neutron highway there back to Wrangell Terminal. As of this log I am only 38 jumps away from the system, however I fully expect that to increase when I replot my route tomorrow. Maybe before I begin jumping I'll look for another nearby neutron star or white dwarf, just to get the course fixed. As I expected when first taking this route, most of the neutron stars I have been seeing were already discovered. The only new systems I was finding were the ones I was fuel scooping in, and now that I'm back in the Inner Orion Spur those are starting to become less & less frequent as well. One thing I did before leaving Colonia was to sell off my limpets and repair limpet controller due to the fact I was just wanting to get back to the bubble as fast as I could. I figured since I wouldn't be making very many landings I didn't need the weight slowing me down. Thus far I have been correct in my decision.

I did find a bit of good news a couple days ago. EDSM is finally tracking my course correctly now. It has me currently having visited 311 systems during this trip, however I estimate that number to be off by around 200 on the low end to 300 systems at most due to their upgrade not tracking correctly at the beginning of my journey. I shall have to see if there's a way to pull up systems I've visited previously, and then limit it to everything after the 9th.

Once I do finally return home I know I will be faced with a hard choice, as to whether I should remain in my squadron or not. It seems before departing the overwhelming majority of the members, to include the squad leader, left to fight some war while in robot suits or some such nonsense. Of the three remaining members, I went out exploring, one decided to join up with the Omega Merchant Command, and the third seems to have disappeared. I heard he was to go out exploring as well. I fear the thargoids may have found him. As for the other commander who joined the OMC I can hold no ill will toward him. He was wanting to work with other commanders and no one in our squadron is around. I have worked with the OMC in the past, and know he'll be alright with them.
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