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Arbilac / 01 Apr 3305
There be ghosts


No idea who "R" is.. or was, but.... she was there before any of us; except those poor souls onboard the Zunara. Most of them... phew... I guess most of em are still there, frozen. Maybe is just me, but I figure that someone shoulda gone back out there and brought those bodies back. Surely they're brothers, sisters... mums and dads? Maybe not. Maybe it was one way for most of em. Logs don't suggest that in the whole though. Some of em; some weren't innocent. Gone crazy, like, maybe, um, a kill switch? Or somethin' worse - hell, maybe they were paid to die. Such is the thing of it.

I had me a look anyway. She's in good nick, though the primary generator is out; she's still lit up like a Christmas tree despite. I guess her engines... well, glow they do, are givin' her secondaries enough juice like a big fabulous lookin' alternator spitting out just enough amps to keep the lights on.

That's it though. Jus' lights. There ain't no air onboard as best as I could tell. I didn't try breathin' in. Cold as all hell. Heh, hell - well, I figure hell is cold. Certainly looked it.

I didn't hang too long there. Felt like I was disturbin' the dead.

This "R" woman. Well, she left a bunch of beacons on the hull. Maybe as a warning, maybe as an invitation to start poking the beast. She headed back toward the core systems - says that whatever the hell happened out here - those beacons for a start - weren't gonna get answered by dicking around the Rift. This is all precusor to the Thargoids comin' back and pissing on our bonfire, but I think... hmm... I think somethin' else. Perhaps it's part Goid, part Raxxla - look at one, solve another.

Or get dead tryin'

Either way, I'm heading onward for 1K or so of LY, kinda parallel to Colonia and then I'll head inward. I expect that to take a few weeks. Me and my pal. If he stays the course, o' course.

See, I figure that if he's here to stay, he'll carry on bein' where he is now; flirtin' with real space stuck in time. I done my math and let the ships AI do the rest; he's movin' at one hell of a slow place. Could be that he sees me like I see him, but maybe in different rates of time. Me fast, him slow - or vice versa. Per'aps he's already taken a swung at me; maybe he's doing it right now.. but he's moving. Jus' real slow, like.

My plan is pretty simple, to think of it. I stay in along the northern most border of the Rift (such as north bein' that closest to Sag A*) an' see if he stays with; then I take a sharp right and head direct for Colonia. If he vanishes, I got me a theory, an'  if not, then maybe my ship's drive is the reason. I got nothing here tangible beyond my eyes and the limited scans my ship can do inward. Ain't much.

Or... it's all in my head. A bridge to cross.

Anyway, Zurara's mysteries are probably gonna stay as much for a while. Whoever "R" was, she headed back a long time ago and I've read nothin' more on the subject (though, would I?) so maybe if I get back in one, I'll ask around. If I don't get back, then maybe someone will read these and tickle their investigative fancies, no?

Come on then, fella.... let's jump.
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