Logbook entry

Char Azmodai / 01 Apr 3305
33050401 Distant Worlds Expedition Log #25: Onward to Waypoint 10

Frame Shift Drive has begun malfunctioning again, forcing me to land on some random icy body to conduct repairs. At least the view of its gas giant parent is nice. Legacy's FSD isn't the only module with some wear and tear, but it is the most critical besides life support. Onboard AFMU still has a lot of its charge remaining, so I will likely be spending the day making sure everything's fixed and working properly. It would be nice if I still had a crew to do that for me, but they just had to go and get killed by a space anomaly. Once I'm all set, it's onward to Waypoint 10, way out in... where ever this is. Lots of uncharted space between here and there, including large sectors of space that the nav computer refuses to chart a course through. Thargoid space? Other aliens? Haven't seen any in these parts, so far. Nor anything else. There must be a reason those sectors are locked. There must be a way to bypass it and gain access, infiltrate, investigate. I should have armed this ship.

No big loss if I'm unable to crack the code. As far as I know, no one else can either (yet). I already have massive amounts of new discovery data anyway, which I could have more of if I wasn't jumping to every neutron star along the way to shorten my trips. Probably why my FSD keeps frying out...
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