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Arbilac / 02 Apr 3305
As and Zs

Somethin' niggled me on the Zurara. I guess with the lil' fella along for the ride before I got there, I was.. frazzled on my way in. Wasn' exactly looking forward to seeing the ship up close, despite my reasons for bein' out this way.

Plus, as you know. The alien stoaway wasn't exactly helping my mood any.

Plus side, I'm sleeping in my own bed now. Lil' fella is still appearing in ma jumps, but less so. I figure there is something in this, or at least, closer to the Z's space causing it. Whether he's here, or there, even aware of me. I dunno. I can't get through to him. At least, I can't bring myself to stand in his space when I jump. Actually, I strap in, cos you know, I like bein' alive at the present.
A few jumps back I'd forgotten about him. How about that? You forget there's an alien fella over your shoulder. All... shiny lookin; dark eyes, staring right at ya. What does that say about me? Tired? Or just just got the space crazies? Or numb. Maybe numb.

Probably why the Z's crew, being frosty, didn't really factor in. I might need therapy on my return. A few Zzzz maybe. Maybe maybe. Heh.

So where was I.. well, where am I? I'm about 1200LY from the Z heading roughly parallel along the north border of the Rift and surrounding space. I'd aimed to head in about here but I'm gonna keep going for a time, see what there is to see.
As I travel, I'm seein' more systems without a claim.

Then boom... a discovered, mapped to all high, Earth like. Ain't no point me askin' the odds; so what the hell? She pretty too.

Anyhoo; I took a day or two here. Requested some information from Galnet on the Zurara. Didn't get a whole lot to be honest, but I did some delving against my own systems. Most recent relay is, ironically, the Z, then the abandoned bases, so uplink speeds aren't too shoddy, despite my remote locale.

Turns out the whole shebang was called Project Dynasty. Now, you go ahead and take this with some salk, but the basics are; Thargoids take us over; wipe out the bubble. These locations seeded by the Z and, well, others, would be locations we could go hide at.

Start over.

Thing is, whilst there are a dozen more of these sites all over, there was more to it. And Salome knew all about it., hence her name bein' on random worlds out here. Mostly Goid lovin' Amonia. She was on her way; maybe a year or so ago, so tell the story of the century before she were killed. Then, nothing.

All quiet.

"R" won't be the only one out there tryin' to work this out. Someone must know. I guess I'm curious for two reasons. One, hardware such as the Z ain't cheap. Lives, heh, lives seem cheaper. Two, there's a chuffing alien on my deck. It's nice to get my mind on other things.

I'm gonna head on for another K or more. See if the followin' happens:
1. My alien friend disappears, or gets real. I got plans either way.
2. Is there a piece of space out here that's more discovered than discovered? I might as well make a few CRs if so.

Then, my current thinkin' is to head back to Colonia. It's closer than home and I could do with the rest. Off ship. Might be wise I don't tell the station commander I got a stowaway....

Do you like it?

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CMDR Arbilac
Explorer / Assassin
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17 Apr 3305
Picking holes
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Oh no you don'
11 Apr 3305
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09 Apr 3305
!ELB! I see you !ELB!
08 Apr 3305
-- *//Cracked it!//*
08 Apr 3305
S--*prise *isit((/
05 Apr 3305
He gotta friend in me
02 Apr 3305
As and Zs
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