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McGyverCP / 03 Apr 3305
Count to ten...

I was in the LTT 15574 system hitting the High Sec Resource sites. This was the one that is about 92 Ls out of Haxel Station. I was flying my Cobra Mk III and chasing around after some Local Sec boys bouncing pirates. After a few bounties I came across something that I had never seen before. It was a couple of small Sec craft (not sure the type but Cobra sized I would say) sitting there blasting the crap out of a Sec Anaconda. The Cobras were buzzing around the 'Conda letting him have it, the 'Conda was just sitting there flying around. He wasn't taking any true evasive maneuvers and he was not firing back at them.

I watched this fight for about 10 minutes, as the smaller craft attacked their larger counterpart. They would get his shields down, then start going for the body, like a boxer in the ring with an opponent. They just kept working this guy over until they would get his shields down then start lowering his hull rating. They would drop his hull about 10%, then his shields would reform and they would begin again. There were two other Sec ships there, but they didn't help in the attack, nor come to his defense. All the ships displayed Green, so I knew they were all Local Security. Finally, the Anaconda gave up the ghost in an explosion of light, heat, and debris. The two attackers, returned to fly with the other two Sec ships and the four flew off to attack a pirate who had just jumped a miner a few clicks away.

I was reminded of something from far ancient history that had to do with the Romans. If a Legion lost in battle, one of the punishments that was given out was called a Decimation. It basically means that every tenth man in the Legion was beaten to death by the other nine in that count. This was to show that failure was not an option and that it could bring about your death.

I just wonder what that poor Sec pilot did to deserve what he got...
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