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Raemeus / 04 Apr 3305
Distant Worlds 2 - Day 081

LAUNCH: 04/04/3305 - 0341Z, Hyuqau GB-Z b32-0 - 1

DESTINATION: Bleethuae NI-B D674 - 2 d a

LANDING: 04/04/3305 -0540Z, Bleethuae NI-B D674 - 2 d a

LOG: I've arrived at the Morphenniel Nebula, and the view from the base camp is astounding. The nebula takes up the whole sky!

Saw a hell of a sunset before I left that planet I'd set down on earlier, too. Stunning. For being so overwhelmingly desolate, there's a shocking amount of beauty in the galaxy.

CMDR Amara Raemeus
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