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McGyverCP / 04 Apr 3305
Why do they try?

My current ship is a Cobra Mk III that I have almost 'A'ed out, at least all the stuff that matters. I am using it as a hauler/courier ship with some light bounty work in the Hi Sec Resource areas. Yeah, I know that 'helping' the Sec Boys take out pirates isn't truly 'real combat', but it helps me get my fighting legs under me and it is a way to make a fast buck. Working up to a larger hauler, maybe a type 7 of something of that size.

Mostly though, I run missions around the Boom systems. Either doing courier missions which give a little (more if you catch a time bonus for the run) or Boom hauls that can pay off pretty well. As I can only haul 32 tons at the moment, I have to be selective on the missions I take. But from time to time, I can find a Sweet "haul X units of (enter item here) to the next system over for several hundred thousand credits'.

Anyway, getting to the point...During my missions, I have probably had a couple dozen Interdiction attempts against me. You never see it coming (or at least I don't, but maybe I am missing something) until you get the bang, stars start going wonky, and you get the Escape Vector circle. So far (knock on hull plate) I have not been interdicted. Came close once when I wasn't paying attention to the heads up screens and was in my 4 screen looking at something when I got bounced. I came back from 1 bar to breaking interdiction, but it was close.

Still though, why do they try? I know it is to either Rob me or Kill me or both...No other reason. I've tried to look at it from their side of the screen. Sitting there in space, waiting for the big juicy target to roll by, and then when the moment comes...FAILURE! I guess it's like fishing, something I had heard about that our ancestors did back on Earth a millennium ago. They would sit on the bank of a river or lake, or even in a boat, and using just a stick with some sort of line winding device, cast a hook with bait on it over and over into the water. They were literally hoping that what ever animal was in the water would one, see their offering, and two, think it was interesting enough to try and take it. And they would do this for hours, even days if they did this for a living.

Gotta be glad that the fish today are smarter and have better ways to avoid the fisherman's snare...knock on hull plating of course!

Commander McGyver of Clan Plaid, signing off.
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