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Scubadog / 08 Apr 3305
FINALLY departed Explorer's Anchorage...and then What The Actual?

After spending over three weeks at Anchorage to get The Ceti Azeria up and running again, I had Eden plot out a route that would allow best possible speed to catch up with my faction mates in the DW2 caravan. I'm not officially part of the caravan, but I've never been to Beagle Point and this seemed to be as good a reason as any to go.

All went well for the 5k ly. Then I found a planet with a promising percentage of Arsenic, so I set down to do a little surface mining near a geological site. Turns out, it was a good gamble. At first, that is. You see, this was an ice planet with low gravity, and the geological activity was some gorram powerful geysers. I was rushing over to a crystalline structure when I guess I was going just a tad too fast. I tried to slow down before coming upon the structure, but overshot, bounced off the formation...and sailed right over one of the geysers blowin' full tilt. Before I knew it, I was over 6 kilometers in the air! To add insult to injury, I helplessly watched my ship take off and dart into orbit. The final embarrassment was that, even with full power set to engines, I couldn't slow my decent enough to avoid the inevitable hard landing. Scratch my one and only SRV.

So, I face the prospect of trying to continue my trip to Beagle without a way to gather more materials on the surface. Hopefully, I won't really need it. That's not the real point, though. Damn.
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