Logbook entry

Scubadog / 09 Apr 3305
DW2 Waypoint 2....catching up!


With The Ceti Azeria being down for three weeks, it put me way behind my squadron mates who are part of the Distant Worlds 2 caravan.  Sure, I never signed up, and I just met up with them at Sag-A, but I'd never been to Beagle Point, so I figured I'd tag along...until multiple system failures grounded me at Explorer's Anchorage.  But once she was space-worthy again, I pushed the Azeria hard.  Really hard.  In two days' time I covered the 16k lightyear distance to Waypoint 10.

So, stupidly, I set down on the night side of 2-D-A where some rumoured bioligics were.  I figured I'd get in some sight-seeing and get some much needed rest before the next push.  Yeah, not so much.  At night those biologics were noisy as hell!  And since I destroyed my SRV in an earlier tragic geyser incident I couldn't even go out and see what the noise was about.  So, I lifted off and moved to a quieter neighborhood.

From what I can tell, only about 20% of commanders have even made it to WP10.  Tonight I'll begin the next leg to Waypoint 11, Smootoae QY-S d3-202 (Luna's Shadow).  That's another roughly 14k lightyears, so likely another couple of days.  The way she's currently outfitted, the Azeria runs between 48.5 and 51 lightyears per jump, depending on how much fuel I have in the two tanks.  It took me 240 jumps to get this far, and there were curiously no neutron stars along the way.  I'm hoping for at least a few on this leg.
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