Logbook entry

Scubadog / 10 Apr 3305
Almost to Waypoint 11...getting some rest before the last 197 jumps

After nearly 28,000 lightyears, I came across an Earth-like World. Yay, me. Of course, I've been barely more than honking in each system as I race at break-neck speed to catch up to Waypoint 11, so it shouldn't be a shocker when I don't see much along the way. The view in this system, though, was absolutely spectacular.

So, shortly after dutifully mapping the planets in that system, I noticed the Malina was getting quite itchy to do something other than help me coddle the ship while I pushed it so incredibly hard. I went ahead and dropped to normal space and let Malina jump in the fighter for a while. It seemed to do her some good.

It has been a long day. Very, very long. I've pushed The Ceti Azeria harder than ever, and I think both of us is exhausted. We're only 197 jumps away from Waypoint 11, so we have set down for the night on a very cold but interesting moon around a gas giant. There's something oddly calming about this particular spot--a far cry different from that ridiculously noisy place we stopped at last night. Anyway, time for some shut-eye. I'm not even going to set an alarm. We'll wake up when we wake up, I'll do a walk-around to make sure nothing fell off the ship overnight, and then we'll make the final push. After that, it's Beagle Point.

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