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Worldbuilder92 / 10 Apr 3305
Entry 00: Gnosis


I’d only heard vaguely about the vessel, from spacefarers who had sailed on it in the past.  Rumors of the mis-jump, tales of the thargoid interdiction... that’s all I had.

When I first heard of the vessel, I was intrigued by the idea of a deep-space explorer.
A vessel large enough to carry and supply ships as they explored in the farthest corners of the galaxy.  A mobile space station, on a never-ending exploration mission amongst the galaxy.  The U.S.S. Enterprise on steroids, practically!  Just to be aboard this ship, traveling the black and exploring the sights and wonders of our galaxy...

Sounds like a dream come true, doesn’t it?

Then again, they all also said the Python was frikkin gold with an FSD, and look where that got me?  Ganked by 3 pirates, and left adrift until a passing ship towed me back to the nearest starport.

Despite my caution, when Cmdr Dalvon told me of the ship’s close approach this month, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t interested.  Ever since I woke up in my first ship (with no prior long-term memories, no less), I’ve been struggling to find my place in this galaxy.  Exploration and star-charting seemed to come naturally to me, but I find I enjoy most anything not involving fighting people.  So a chance like this - a 3-month deep-space exploration voyage, far away from any warring factions - seems like a slam dunk for me, right?

My biggest dilemma is which ship to bring; only one vessel per pilot can be taken aboard Gnosis.  This is the most frustrating part; while I only really plan on exploring and charting, my overpowering urge to be prepared for anything and everything is making it more difficult than it needs to be.  I’ll be away from the most civilized places for 3 months, with only my fellow passengers and explorers for company as we wander.

My logic says to just stick with the ship I’ve been slowly working on for the past couple weeks: the L.L.V. Locust, my specialized long-range exploration and scout ship.  Specialized for both planetary and orbital scanning, and fast enough to outrun the most determined pirates.  A scout vessel like this will keep me nimble enough to evade any troublesome individuals, and give me the fuel efficiency and range I need to chart as many distant systems as I can in-between jump points.

My overcautious gut suggests I bring the L.L.V. Junebug (my Asp Explorer) and all modules which outfit it for exploring, mining, and defense as well.  As Amelia Earhart oft said, “Preparation is rightly two-thirds of any venture.”  Even if I don’t plan to mine or fight, I may have to do so; in which case, having kits preprepared will be much more beneficial.

I’m currently settling on a middle ground, bringing additional fittings to modify the Locust as needed on the fly.  Now all that’s needed is to sail to the Gnosis and discover more, before it jumps out of range.  In the meantime, I’m also researching this Canonn Research group which owns the vessel...
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