Logbook entry

Olimara71 / 12 Apr 3305
Wakey Wakey...

It seems like forever since I flew a ship. Thankfully the ship tutorial holoprogram reminded me enough to get back home to Nganji. As the saying goes, it is like riding a bike (whatever a bike is!)

I'm still not quite sure what happened to me over a year ago, why I ended up in the medical facility, and I am still not convinced I am who they say I am. But the ship welcomed me back like an old friend, as did the Nganji security services once I had finally located my ships.

It seems like I had racked up some bounties and a short trip to Baroju to hand them in was greeted with a cordial welcome. 200k in credits will go at least some way to paying off the 6mil I just put down upgrading my Asp Explorer into something more multi purpose. At least I think I have upgraded it, until I know more about myself I will have to become a jack of all trades.

I have an open invite to visit an engineer, once I find some Meta Alloy...apparently that will involve a trip of near to 300 LY. So I may just meander my way there, exploring and picking up the odd bounty en route.

Now if only I could remember what happened...
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