Logbook entry

Wingnut_English / 15 Apr 3305
HAX WING: Night Shift Handover [o=o]

HAX WING: Night Shift Handover
(feat. Cmdr FOLCO TOOK)


HIP 24046


It had been a long night of collecting Sand Dollars and cashing them in for Starbucks.*
As Cmdr Took (HAXCOM) begins to run low on ammunition, Cmdr Wingnut (HAXBOX) shows up
just in time to relieve him and lock down the CZAX for another hour.


Vega paused in mid-dictation. "Starbucks, Commander?"

"One sand dollar is ten thousand credits."

Vega's expression was blank.

"One hundred sand dollars is one million credits."

Still blank.

"One million credits is worth one starbuck."

There was a blink.

"Very well." prompted Vega in a tone of surrender, prompting Wingnut to continue recording. 'And cashing them in for Starbucks...?"

"As Cmdr Took...."

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