Logbook entry

Wingnut_English / 14 Apr 3305
HOT WINGS: SHOWDOWN - The D̶e̶f̶e̶n̶s̶e̶ Evacuation of Artemis Lodge [o=o]

In Part Two of this four-part story, I'll be experimenting with a new format.


First we have the "Cinematic" segment, which aims to deliver the faster-paced storytelling up front, and recaps the most recent (mis)adventures of Commander Wingnut and his crew.

Then we have the "Helper" segment, which offers advice and information to newer players of Elite:Dangerous. In today's episode, for example, Wingnut summarizes the capabilities of the Basilisk-class Thargoid Interceptor, and teaches his crew how to cook with xenorganic acid.

And finally comes the "Immersion" segment, which - although drier and slower paced, presents the in-game experience as I actually play it, with as minimal editing as possible. Everything that happens in this segment is as raw as it gets, with even the music being a pre-assigned track or whatever is playing on Hutton Orbital Radio at the time.

Do you like it?