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Sfcactionjax7 / 14 Apr 3305
The Exploration Experience

Commander’s Log
Start Date:  33050415
Location:  The Formorian Frontier Sector – Deep Space

The Void, the Black, the Big Empty, and the names for space exploration are endless, and can be lonely!  I launched as apart of the Distant Worlds II Expedition, and I have enjoyed the months of traveling through the stars.  At the time of this entry I have discovered 1,574 systems while travel through 3,257-star systems.

I have always dreamed of traveling throughout deep space, and the Distant Worlds II Expedition gave me the motivation I needed to make that dream come true.  Now, as the fleet makes its way towards the longest stretch of our journey, I find my mind starting to crack.  Yes, I can now say space madness is a real thing out here in the Void!  

Waypoint 10 to 11 will be the longest journey the fleet has undertaken; a 14,000 + light year journey and for my Phantom that’s 230 jumps!  The first week into it, through Newton’s Vault, I took it nice and slow.  I stopped through many systems, scanned huge number of planets, and ran into a nice number of Water Worlds, to include two Ammonia Worlds.  But, through it all little by little I started to lose that motivation I first had when I started with the expedition.

The one thing that does keep the madness at bay sometimes are the squadron communications.  It’s a good thing to know I’m not alone out here in the Void, but it does bring me down being alone physically without another human presence.  See, some ships are outfitted with a bigger jump range than others, and boy let me tell you when I heard another Commander say he had 430 jumps to WP 11, I can truly say I’m glad that’s not me.

I can just imagine the trip back to Colonia or even the bubble; it’s one thing to travel thousands of light years to discover new things, but the return trip….
Anyway, those are my thoughts.  Tonight, instead of landing on some dead rock I will place the Slip Stream in orbit of this Water World I just discovered and rack out.  I hope by tomorrow to make it to WP 11 to meet up with the rest of the fleet.  END LOG
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CMDR Sfcactionjax7
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14 Apr 3305
The Exploration Experience
24 Feb 3305
The Exploration Experience
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