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Wingnut_English / 15 Apr 3305
SPOILER WARNING: Nicholas Brady Dies [o=o]

Spoiler Warning: Nicholas Brady Dies

Following an ambush from a Medusa-class Interceptor, the crew of HAXBOX and the remains of the Type-10 Defender "Spoiler Warning" were returned to Brand Hub in HIP 24046.

All members were accounted for except for NPC Nicholas Brady, who did not return with them.


NPC Brady, his telepresence suite somehow unaffected by the shutdown field that immobilized the mother ship, used his remote-operated Ship-Launched Fighters to distract the Thargon drone swarms and buy time.

The "Spoiler Warning," a slow but highly capable AX 'heavy' at the stick of the seasoned Commander Wingnut, was unable to escape the Interceptor's mass lock zone after recovering from the shutdown - and succumbed to caustic and heat damage in her efforts.

Brady's suite, being in the fighter bay, was not equipped with an escape pod.

Due Brady's sacrifice, the other members of the crew were able to secure their REM-LOK's and board the bridge-level escape pods before the ship disintegrated.


Three days before his death, Brady had been promoted by the Pilots Federation to the combat rating of "Elite," placing him as the Top 1% Of All (NPC) Pilots Out There.

After NPC Britney Coffey, NPC Nicholas Brady is the second crew member to be lost in HAXBOX's two-month campaign against the Thargoids.

Further details will be released as it becomes available to WINGNET

This message will expire in thirty days.


Spoiler Warning: Black Box Leaked

Data recovered from the debris of the "Spoiler Warning," tail number HAXBOX from the Hutton Anti-Xeno Wing, has been released and circulated among news outlets by an anonymous informer.

The data package includes standard flight telemetry, journals, crew and cargo manifests, and bridge recordings both in audio and video format - up to and including the escape of the crew, and the death of NPC Nicholas Brady.

Investigators have also noted that embedded in the data package is an additional stream of anomalous telemetry, the origin and purpose of which is unknown. The format of the embedded data does not match any known telepresence software, making it difficult to pin down a source.

This message will expire in thirty days.
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