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Arbilac / 15 Apr 3305
Oh no you don'

Time//code - 140405:193625

Girl! Plot me a route out of system, via that rock there.


Bloody useless thing; that one.. TH... 8A. Furthest one out. He's goin' that way, and I wanna be on his wake as he jumps.


Quite the talker, aren't yeh?
Fella; we comin in fast on this bogie. He knows we're here, and we knows where he's goin. Whatcha think? I can't interdict 'im; got no 'dictor, but I can distrupt his jump field if I risk blowin' us both to hell. Fancy it? Here it's quite warm this time o' year...


Heh, you're spot on there. Dog's o' war alright!
Takin' her in.



Time//code - 150405:022415

Certainly pretty out here. Got the whole milky way out in fron' of me. Just sat there, all majestic like.

So. <sigh>. I lost em. I had a great plan; I had no plan. Was caught up in trying to stop 'em. Find out why they been hasslin' me that I didn't come prepared. I came out here explorin', and I found somethin'. Trouble bein, I don't know what it was.
That ship. Well, that ship thinks I do. Either it's the fella, or he's their plant. Or I lost my marbles a few weeks back and never made it past the Zurara. That'd be a story! Heh. Not one anyone would hear about tho'

I thought I'd disrupted their jump; right in their path I was. Like some ancient action movie; all noise and fire and light. What a ride!

Trouble bein' I was caught in their wake. I mis-timed it. Probably by a few milliseconds and instead of burstin' their bubble, I burst mine. Dropped in to normal, emergency style and my FSD crapped out on me. Got the AMFU workin' her magic but I gotta either land and do some spannerin' or do it out here. Lost nav and and the coffee maker's on the fritz. I mean, sure take away my means of getting home, but not ma' coffee!

Stupid. Stupid.

Still, mighty pretty out here.

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CMDR Arbilac
Explorer / Assassin
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Oh no you don'
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02 Apr 3305
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