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vinnieboJ / 15 Apr 3305
Back in the Black!

Location: Hyperspace, jumping to R. Monocerotis.

Back in the Black once again. The yaw situation grounded me for a couple of days. Got her flying again after jury-rigging a few things so it would keep the ship from drifting, albeit far from ideal or safe, while I waited for the on-board 3D-printer to print the necessary items to fix the yaw controls. Had to go out in the SRV to gather some necessary raw materials for the parts needed. Fixed everything this weekend and made my way to the second stop on my list: V651 Monoceros, or perhaps better known as the Butterfly Nebula. A small star system sized nebula. Flew around and made a few pics before targeting the next stop: R Monocerotis or the Hubble’s Variable Nebula, another star system sized nebula.

After that I’ll be visiting the Jellyfish Nebula and a few of the other nebula in the Sanguineous Rim, finishing with the VY Canis Majoris system. Don’t know what I’ll be doing after that. My current route will take me a few weeks to finish. Will need make a pit-stop for supplies at Hell Port. A small asteroid base out in the Seagull Nebula, which will mark the about half way point for my trip.

Will continue to make pictures and write my log’s as the journey continues.

CMDR vinnieboJ signing off,

See you out in the Void CMDR’s!
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