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N124Hawk / 18 Apr 3305
Boredom... Simply boredom

I haven't been in the cockpit for weeks. Well, except for an ancient jet plane, and a condor.

My one week in the AX zones was very quickly followed by my actual reporting date to the new AEGIS HQ in LA. Admiral Tanner met me personally. "Hawk, I need someone I know I can trust. My job is mostly political these days, and I need someone I can have on the ground to run the day to day operations. I know I can trust you."

"Thank you, sir, but I'm a flying officer. You know I hate office work, and I-"

"I wasn't asking, unfortunately. You were specifically requested."

"Okay sir, thank you"

"Dismissed, Admiral"
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CMDR N124Hawk
Special agent / Space cowboy
18 Apr 3305
Boredom... Simply boredom
24 Mar 3305
It's been a while, old girl
19 Feb 3305
Safe to say I'M NOT HAPPY!!!
18 Feb 3305
A return to the hotseat
11 Feb 3305
06 Feb 3305
February 6, 3305. Day one
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