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Konca / 18 Apr 3305
First steps into Elite: Dangerous PC

I have been playing on PS4 for four months now, so I am not a total noob when it comes to this game. My PS4 Commander has Elite rank in Exploration, which doesn't mean a lot since I have only been 6,000LY away from the bubble. I am now starting a new Commander on PC and I am looking forward to getting back up to Elite, and obtaining Elite for the other ranks as well. I feel like my PS4 Commander was essentially a very long tutorial on the finer points of the Elite Universe, or if you are into role-playing, I was in the Pilots Academy working towards obtaining my Solo Pilots Licence through extensive simulation training. Since making the jump to PC I am amazed at how fast it runs on my laptop, and it looks the same if not better than the PS4, I know this game is pretty resource intensive and I was sure my laptop could handle it even if I had to reduce the graphics. but I haven't needed to, I feel like it runs better on the PC than it does on my PS4. All that being said, I am a solo player, but I am going to look at maybe jumping into open more than I used to and I look forward to seeing the community our there in the black. o7 Commanders fly safe out there. 

Commander Konca
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CMDR Konca
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15 May 3305
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22 Apr 3305
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