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Marlfan1 / 19 Apr 3305
I guess my Ex was right

How the hell did I get to this point? What happened to me? This was definitely [i]not[i] my plan. I am sitting here, in my pilot's chair, idly moping though space between Neritus and Cai hauling cargo in a monstered out Corvette and I am pretty sure my fighter pilot is in his room watching porn and paying absolutely no attention to the radar. I mean, why bother. Just go along for the ride and get paid for it; easy peasy.

How [i]did[i] I get here? What lame choices did I make to earn this lot in life?

I was in G 35-15 hauling all kinds of high value cargoes, flying by the seat of my pants, fighting off pirates left and right. Man that was so cool! Taking a "break" on occasion to do a little recreational bounty hunting in a haz rez. Then, I lost my partner. Edd. I still can't believe he's gone. I kept trying to continue on after he was lost, but it just wasn't the same. It was empty, nothing mattered any more. So, I moved.

I found Grendel, and this crazy bunch of guys calling themselves the Dragons of Grendel (TDOG). I had no reason to really care about flying anymore, so I asked what the squadron was trying to do, what did they need to accomplish. I didn't have it in me to fly for myself, maybe I could fly for the team. There was a faction in Neritus they wanted to support, help their cause and push them along. It would eventually help TDOG's agenda. So, off I went with my fighter pilot in tow to Neritus.

[i]That[i] is how I got here. Flying cargo missions for this faction, pushing TDOGs agenda. I don't have a problem with that really, its just...560 tons of "Biowaste??"

I guess my Ex was right, I really am full of Sh@#!
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CMDR Marlfan1
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27 Jun 3305
Close, but no Cigar! 3
20 Jun 3305
Close but no Cigar! 2
18 Jun 3305
Close, but no Cigar!
04 Jun 3305
Thanks for the Memories
23 May 3305
19 Apr 3305
I guess my Ex was right
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