Logbook entry

Lambast / 20 Apr 3305
Thats it. I'm delving into the black

Does dose anything change with a monarchy? It’s been thousands of years since mankind had royal rulers and they still can’t stop having estranged family with a claim to some throne somewhere and a heaping help of courtly intrigue getting in the way of ruling.

The Federation is no better. We got democracy for all is a fine slogan, but when the opposition parties are busy fighting with the aim of making the leading house look bad, it doesn’t really function the way it should.
Turn to the Alliance. The Alliance will.. .The Alliance is busy.. .. What the hell does the Alliance do? Those guys really need to kick their PR department into gear because I have no clue what the Alliance is or what it does.

With all that going on, the Corporations are still doing what they have always done. Bending any event to make so much money that they can buy any number of Thrones, Political seats of power and.. . Alliance points?
Anyway, nothing changes it seems. Here we are on the frontier of man kind’s expansion. We know for a fact we are not alone and we know an advanced race has already fallen possibly to time, or maybe the same alien threat we face now, but none of our leaders can stop acting the way they have always acted. Selfishly.

Well, the Pilots Federation have decreed that all ships must be upgraded to accept the new modules that will soon be on offer and that’s just fine by me. A few weeks ago I finished upgrading a brand new Krait Phantom. I did an experimental journey to get the attention of Professor Palin. That experience encouraged me to change a few modules and decide that I’ll not be using the Neutron Star Super Highway. I enjoy the boost, but getting caught in the stars pull and the jets push just once is enough to put me off risking it again. After that experience, I didn’t so much repair Mercy’s Reach, as rebuilt it.

I’ve packed enough food and drink in the hold to count as cargo. A few pallets of sun block factor 120 are stashed around the cockpit and my media player is wired into my headset because for some reason, a ships media player won’t accept owners files. That’s gotta change. The Federation can squabble as much as they like, the Empire can intrigue their royal butts off and the Alliance can.. Jump up and down for attention. I’m off.

I’m going to the Rim to look out over the void and see what nothing truly looks like. I’ve been hanging round Robigo for almost a year and that brown smear on the “horizon” is getting really boring. Even when I went out to the Guardian site to gather relics, that smear was still there. What’s the point of sailing the endless ocean if I always see the same thing out the canopy? Time to leave it all behind and find new horizons.
After the mandatory upgrade on the 23rd, I’m going to Betelgeuse to pay homage to a personal hero of mine from literature, Ford Prefect. After a tour of that system, I’m going to the rim and then I’ll head along the edge of our galaxy for a month or so before heading back. I plan to be away for three months, and fate willing, I’ll be sending updates every week.
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