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Worldbuilder92 / 20 Apr 3305
Entry 03: Hotshot Pilot and Exploration Mishaps

Day 12
Current System: Flyooe Dryeia GO-F d12-1

We're currently recovering from a bit of excitement today.  Apparently, one of the explorer pilots thought they found Guardian ruins on a nearby world, and everyone was scrambling to confirm.  Once they got a live feed there, though, some of the Canonn researchers debunked the hype, and said it was just natural geological formations.
I would've gone to confirm, but looks like that particular system is just shy of the Locust's jump range; however, there are other geological sites nearby I can explore, so I got a list of some of the more interesting places to visit from Dalvon,


I hadn't heard of them before coming aboard.  Dalvon and a friend of his gave me the simple explanation of what they were, but referred me to a local pilot named Vader to hear the full details.  Apparently, the Guardians are another ancient race which inhabited the galaxy; however, they apparently went extinct a long time ago, leaving only their relics and technology for us to find.  Unlike the Thargoids, which have seemingly more biomechanical structures and ships, the Guardians seem to be operating on some form of advanced tech that we haven't completely cracked yet.  Aside from leaving behind the basis for the information network which we use nowadays, they also apparently left behind weapons which can be used to fight against Thargoids.  We're still not sure whether the Thargoids or the Guardians are the real troublemakers in the galaxy, but considering the Thargoids are attacking human installations and ships, there is a bit of a rush going to grab Guardian tech, for self-defence if nothing else.

...there's times I really hate flying alone.  Honestly, ever since that freelancer found me adrift in that asteroid field, I've wished I could have a dedicated co-pilot to fly with me, and hearing how dangerous the galaxy is, with aliens, pirates, rogue squadrons... ionno, it freaks me out sometimes.  I guess that's why part of me enjoys flying with other people so much.

Oh!  Speaking of, today I met up with a new friend!  As I was leaving for my exploration mission, I found this pilot doing some crazy stunt flying with a Diamondback, right outside the dock!  Flight control was having a field day trying to wrestle him under control.  Anyway, we fell to talking afterward, and he mentioned he was also an explorer!  His ship was more outfitted for long-range jumps and distant exploration, and he'd even discovered a few new systems out here!  Naturally, my curiosity drove me to ask him to show me some cool places for pictures, and we set off to go exploring!  We landed on this metal-rich moon about 50LY from the jump point, and started harvesting some materials; we also decided to show off my ship's new paint job, as well as his new SRV. (I'm on the left.)  Afterwards, he proceeded to light his thrusters up while unshielded to lift off... crazy hotshot.  He managed to not wreck himself, and we laughed about it on the way back to Gnosis.

Hmm...maybe I'll have Farseer check out my engines again, when we get back to the Bubble...
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