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Flikre / 22 Apr 3305

It's been awhile since I've had anything to put in this logbook.

Well that's a flat-out lie, there's been plenty to talk about I just can't remember most of it.

I hit the motherlode...

For me at least.

30 million credits worth of diamonds in just one T-9, I could barely close the Arronax's cargo hatch from the amount of sparkly goodness I stuffed in my hold. That trip back through space to Wankel Port and trying to keep my hands from shaking as I entered the mail-slot, trying to be as nondescript as possible with stolen goods threatening to burst from every seam.

Combined with my previous earnings, I had enough to treat myself to a new ship. I'm talking new-new, the Krait Phantom had just been released, and I fell in love just from the name alone.

I mean how cool does it sound?

Sidewinder? Yeah that's okay.

Python? Not bad.

Anaconda? Sounds like it should be the name of a "personal" stress reliever.

Krait Phantom? Krait Phantom, just imagine being the terror of the system, a legendary pirate flying a Krait Phantom!

I couldn't resist, I immediately snapped one up and called her Arkadia.


That's the last thing I remember until waking up 10 months later with the mother of all hangovers, having my stomach pumped, receiving a blood transfusion and the number in my bank account missing several zeros.

So time to head back out into the black, this time at the helm of the Arkadia.

Apparently I missed the fact that Ngaledi was no longer an anarchy system, and had, at that time, started to form a legitimate government.

Time to leave, very quickly.


Two months later, and after doing some bubble-bouncing, I've come across a new hunting ground. Although is it me or are miners getting smarter? Either that or every pilot in Kurughnaye has been through intensive combat training.

Nevermind, it's good to be flying again. The sense of freedom, the infinite possibilities of the unknown, and the Arkadia. My god I love that ship, she's the perfect combination of Ellie and the Arronax, the stubborn "it will not die" nature of the Viper MkIV and the spacious cargo capacity of the Asp Explorer.

I do miss the guys at Admiral Benbow's though, especially Dave, Dave was cool. He was the storyteller and could weave the most outlandish and improbable tales while at the same time make them seem like they could have easily happened. A bullshitter of the highest calibre.

Dave isn't even his real name, no one knows his real name but that's what everybody called him. He always said he would reveal his name on one condition, but never revealed what that condition was. Maybe one day I'll do the impossible and find out, maybe one day I'll remember what the hell happened during my 10 month bender and why I'm banned from ever stepping foot on Coke Port again and maybe one day I'll stop updating the logbook when I've had half a bottle of rum.

Sorry about the ramble, I just had to get this out
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