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J Vinton / 22 Apr 3305
Nicky Gibson....

Nicky Gibson had been with me for a full Solar year. I've been cultivating his rank and skills along side mine so me and him could be an in sync Mothership/Fighter Combo. He's been to the top of the Galaxy with me, Flown his Condor in some of the tightest Canyon depths, and has even fought off Conda's that are 1km in Length.

Commander Blak informed me of a few days off from mining, I had been out of GalNet range for almost 4 days grinding Low Temp Diamonds. Finally found a really lucrative spot over in Borann. I decided to take the trusty Type 9 back to Ohm City and check the boards. My GalNet mail was overloaded with requests for aid in LHS 20 due to a recent Pirate Plague, so I rang Nick up and as usual he wasn't doing much. within an Hour he was down at the docks and ready to go.

Instead of taking the Federalis "which in hind sight was the better idea"  I decided to bring out my old Thunder Hawk Gunship, we just needed to refit the fighter hangar on it. 2 hours later " mostly due to nick's constant piss breaks" we finally fitted the hangar. Finally loaded and ready to go we lifted off..

LHS 20 A1 is a Water Based Ringed Gas Giant literally right outside Ohm City, Perfect place for us to get to work I thought. We dropped into the Haz Res and got to work.  After 30 minutes things seemed to go quite smoothly, we had accumulated over 2 million credits by this point, I had wanted to go ahead and fly back to the station. Nicky Wanted to do atleast 30 more minutes. That's when I saw them, a wing of 4 Conda's and all 4 Wanted.

We downed 2 of them, tough bastards. It was at this time I made the biggest mistake I've made in a while. I slammed the Gunship into the side of an Asteroid and my Shield Jenny instantly went dead. Within moments my Hull was exposed and being eaten away at with one of the Conda's Corrosive Shells. I radio'd Nick to get his ass into the hangar so we could GTFO...

As he was finally docking, I heard Jefferson (my Covas) speak. "Frame Shift Drive Inoperable" Power Plant Critical"

'DON'T TELL ME THAT SHIT JEFFERSON" I Bellowed at the top of my lungs, It was at that moment I knew shit was fucked. "Commander, I suggest Immediate Evacuation, I have engaged the Escape Pods, please make your way to them" Oh wow, I didnt know the A.I in the ship cared (sarcastic).

I Noticed Nick's pod was empty..... Panic set in.... "Where's Gibson??" I yelled at the Covas Screen. No answer. "JEFFERSON!!! WHERE IS NICK???" my voice starting to become hoarse. "I Do Not Know Commander" my heart sunk. "Disengage Escape Pods and hold them until I Give the Order Jefferson, I'm not leaving nick's ass behind"

I hustled down to the middle deck where the Hangar is located, the ship was docked, but no nick in sight. Made my way to his quarters when I noticed the entire hallway filled with smoke... oh shit.... Now the race was really on. "NICK!!!" I shouted. I kept shouting until I noticed his compartment engulfed in flames with no Nick in sight. Pissed off and demoralized, Jefferson finally gave me the bad news. "Commander, I have Mr Gibson in view, he is not moving, and I am not reading any vital signs, Further more the reactor is in meltdown stage, and I am unable to keep the Escape Pods locked in much longer, Please Commander, make your way to the Escape Pods and prepare for evacuation"

Never have I been more distraught, I ran as fast as my space legs would carry me and almost wacked my head climbing into the low hanging hatch, strapped myself in as Jefferson began the count down (Escape Pod Launching 3...2...1...) The G's while dropping are almost exhilarating, and I would have probably been treating it like on old earth roller coaster, had I not been so upset. As I finally reach 2km away I hear another countdown. "Power Plant Reactor Critical in...3...2...1..."  The Flash was blinding, any one within a good 5km range would be able to see that thing go off.

Now... Here I am, Stranded in my own home system, Gunship Destroyed, A damn Good Friend is gone, and all I have to keep me company is Jefferson -sigh- I'm going to need a few days to Process this. I've sent a distress signal beacon out, hopefully someone sees it. I've also radio'd Commander Blak for assistance, anything to help me get rescued.

Ending it here, didn't think i'd get this upset writing this. Jefferson has informed me that we have 5 days of supplies available. Let's hope someone sees my ass out here.

Vinton Signing off....
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Nicky Gibson....
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J Vinton
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