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Permafunk / 22 Apr 3305
Gnosis Expedition Entry 1: Early to Bed, Early to Rise?


Those were my first words when I woke up from my 10-day sleep on the Gnosis...

I’m not much of a writer, I’ve never had a journal or anythin’. my life hasn’t been interestin’ enough, worked in a noodle shop on Kuipers Landing, saved up for a Sidey, did courier jobs till I could get somethin’ to haul cargo, eventually joined The Initiative and moved to their headquarters in Meliae yadda yadda, war yadda yadda. Now I'm driving a Krait MKII, and shoot shit for a livin’, story over basically.

But a fortnight ago, while I was “enjoying” the slop the Bills Dinner at Whitson Hub calls a “Full English” CMDR Dalvon approached me and asked if I would be interested in joining this “expedition into uncharted space” that the Initiative had been picked for, I asked if the money was good and he said there was no pay, so I politely (but firmly) told him to sit on a cactus and spin till it came out his mouth. But he said that the amount of resources and data I’d get from the trip would get me a small fortune AND I get to name planets.

I was sold.

I spent a week kitting myself out with mining gear and all the scanners and shit needed for this little escapade and flew to the Gnosis.

Now, my FSD is a runt, best jump I can do without overcharge is 20-22ly, so the trip to the system the Gnosis was docked at took around 75 jumps, I was beyond tired when I finally arrived and was nothin’ but a corpse at that point. Despite looking dryer than a Thargoid’s arse I was given a warm welcome by the spectacles on board, I didn't listen to much they was saying, but apparently, I have my own laboratory, god knows I ain’t gonna use the thing.

Anyway, I was so over-tired I couldn't sleep, I was kept awake the whole journey, partly due to the fact I had every sun I passed burned into my fuckin' retinas. I even got the Gnosis holodeck to look like the plains from my home planet, but still no sleep.

An hour into my quest for a suitable place to crash, one of the scientists approached me and said I was “just the person he was lookin’ for to try out "status sleep"” which is somethin’ they're tryin’ out to do with preservin’ people for long periods of time for long distance travel. I wasn’t listenin’, I heard “sleep” and wanted it.

So, the spectacles shoved me in this pod/closet thing, right? and asked me how long I wanted to be in for, I said 10 hours, which felt like a fair amount of sleep, I had to make up for the fact I had stopped blinkin’ y’know.

They punched in the numbers and left. But as I was goin’ under, I swear I saw a mutt in a space suit come up to my… what, pod? I dunno, but it came up to the control panel and sniffed about, and nudged one of the buttons, I didn’t care on it, I was drifting off to sleep, and besides, it would’ve only added or taken off an hour, right?

Wrong amigo.

The little fucker bumped my nap from 10 hours, to 10 DAYS. And worst of all I didn’t realise till I got out and checked my coms. 100 missed calls from family members all thinking I was dead or somethin’. I was so confused till I saw the date.

Apparently, the expedition has began and people are already swoopin’ up resources and namin’ planets after their grandma ‘n’ shit

Now, I ain’t the kind to harm animals, but I swear if I see that fuckin’ dog, I'm gonna kick it.
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