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ExpiredYoghurt / 22 Apr 3305

Well, The Gnosis jumps again in 3 days and here I am, not doing anything because I'm a lazy space-bum. I mean I do have a whole system discovered by me but you know, 2000ly explored in 4 days is nothing, to be honest.

Oh! and I met up with some Commander from the Initiative, Atlas, we made a short trip to a system me and some other commander discovered and we landed on a moon with pretty colors to roam around in our SRV's and take a picture. We ended up discovering that said moon is full of metals and other materials, which is nice. and the picture, well, it's in Atlas' Diary, it's pretty cool. Too bad I almost kill myself while taking off, I was moving around on my seat and accidentally pressed the engine boost (I had no shields.) so I just hit the ground twice at 250m/s and left the ship wrecked. Good times though. I hope I get to hang out with Atlas again soon.

oh and I took a picture, my first picture in the galaxy, pretty cool.

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