Logbook entry

Weevo / 23 Apr 3305
A long pause at the end of the galaxy

It's odd to start a log at the end of a long journey, but here we are. After countless jumps starting from the bubble I've finally arrived at the infamous Beagle Point, supposedly the farthest reachable system from Sol. I've been hearing on the long range of another system even further that can be reached with guardian technology (or a fair bit of jumponium) but I'll have to look into it later. For now, the view of a distant sliver of stars is enough to keep me captivated.

There's been plenty of noise from GalNet on what's going on back in the bubble. A huge rise in Thargoid activity. A new permit locked district reserved by the Pilot's Federation for new pilot training. Enhanced navigation computer components.

For my part, I'd like to get back and join the fray against the Thargoids. It was one thing when they were harassing stations out in the Pleiades, those folks were taking their safety in their own hands when they ventured out that far. But now the bugs are in the bubble, causing more damage than the Pilot's Federation can muster repairs for. I'm no combat expert, but I've got sufficient resources it's incumbent on pilots like me to do what they can against this threat. No matter how nearly infinite space is, humanity can't seem to keep itself out of war.
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