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Vitu’i Ma / 24 Apr 3305
Character Description

Commander Vitu’i Ma’s history is shrouded in mystery and deciet. It's never known who he is or what he’s hiding, but whatever it is, it’s sealed tighter than an airlocked jar of pickled Khepri Oceanfruit, and everytime someone asks, his story changes.

Regardless of whatever his past may be, no one can deny the limitless scale as to where his subtle, rich, litte fingers will reach. Keeping to himself and under the radar as clandestinely as possible, he's made small fortunes working as a spy for the growing powers, taking interest in both the Federation’s and Empire’s activities, then selling any criminal evidence to the highest bidders, be it another a rival power, a minor faction, or an uprising pirate lord.
By playing the game carefully and quietly, he calculates every move, maneuvering his way through the blindsides of those he considers less important.
He now resides in Nagnatae, as the sole Commander of the minor faction the Nagnatae Nightingales.

Clothing • Wears the thin membrane of a typical everyday H.E. Suit underneath a protective fabric, made to represent common clothing. He prefers to wear dark colored Belalans Ray Leather jackets, be it whatever color.
Weapon(s) of Choice • Standard Federation Military-Grade Pistol, Vibranto-Knife (imported from Holva)
Gear • Anything a competent spy may need, ranging from thermo-binoculars, super tensile-strength rope, common winter and desert survival gear, radio jammer and signal enhancer, emergency beacon, language translator, computer hacking software....
Special Abilities • Unnatural Hand-eye coordination and muscle-response reaction time. Above average IQ. Sharp memory. Well-researched.
Detriments • Below average physical strength. Has a tendency to overthink situations. Gets major motion sickness. His pride is his undoing.

Religion/Alignment • Aethist, Chaotic Neutral
Occupation • Freelance Spy, saboteur. Has a history with planet-side wars and bounty-hunting.
Favorite Food, Drink, Color • Rare Vegatables, helium-carbonated wine, deep sea blue.
Hobbies • Camping, light exploration outside of the bubble.
Dislikes • Homeless citizens, law-enforcement, any Federal or Imperial sympathizers.
Personality Traits •  Prideful, emotional like the waves of an ocean, tactful.
Favorite Song • Any new piano music. Loves Synthwave (small band in Alioth, more harmonious than Federal music, less prissy than Imperial).
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CMDR Vitu’i Ma
Hacker / Special agent
11 Feb 3306
Chapter Three - Reflection
Vitu’i Ma
05 Feb 3306
Chapter Two - Return
Vitu’i Ma
29 Jan 3306
Chapter One - New Beginnings
Vitu’i Ma
24 Apr 3305
Character Description
Vitu’i Ma
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