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Blackwild85 / 24 Apr 3305
Strange transmission

Tried to get to know what happened at OU Geminorun and was told it was destroyed by Thargoids. The guy that told me that seemed uneasy about telling me this though… like id there's something more to it. Or maybe he was just afraid of those Thargoid incursions.

Still no trace of my family yet, like all records of them living there have been erased. Something's definitly fishy here. They've been living there for years for god's sake, and no trace of that? And what would bring the Tharfoids to that particular station?

Still need to know what happened, so I then went to work on maintenance on my ship, gotta have it ready to investigate. That's when I noticed that blinking light on my comm's panel. I opened the panel and found that little flash drive. Pretty old technology if yoi ask me, but who would think of using that besides my dad? He always felt that obsolete tech like this would be more secure. He got a bit paranoid by the end of his career as an explorer for the Federal Navy.

So, thabks to the old tech my father insisted I kept with me, I managed to read what was on the drive. An hologram went on. It was my father.

« Son, if you're getting this kessage, it means something happened to me. Whatever you do, do not……. »

Static got all over the image and the speakers. Last thing I got were those words :

« ….nasty ex…. »

And then a blackened silouhette appered and spoke to me with a fake pirate accent :

« Do what your father should've done and keep to your own business if you know what's good for you! »

What the hell was that?
Do you like it?

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