Logbook entry

Charlie9963 / 25 Apr 3305
Personal Log: 1

Date: 25/04/3305
Log Number: 1

So, I decided I would start a personal log along side the reports which I have to do for my new squadron which I created recently.

My main discipline is Trading, I am absolutely flying when it comes to that, closely followed by exploration. I absolutely LOVE seeing the galaxy and sharing my knowledge with others. Thats why I created a Squadron.

The Squadrons name is Hunter 6, This is important to me because that is the name of my Clan on both The Division and Warframe and I hope to get my members across. We like to roleplay and ensure the game is played how it should be experienced. My team have noticed I put them first, ensuring that everything I get is put into the Squadron to ensure everyone else is settled before I am. I am also very proud of the structure generated by myself, whereby everyone gets support and training as well as a Discord Channel! Now we just need members, which is why I have opened up my private messages to all those who may be interested.

Recently, I have been improving my flight skills and am able to effectively command a ship. I have been on&off this game for years but finally am dedicating time and effort into it. I hope soon, I will be among the best
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