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Damian "DevilOnTheWall" Blaide / 25 Apr 3305
Face of the Enemy: Chapter 6

29th of August, 3304. A telepresence conference of the Alioth Council

“This war of yours has gone on for long enough!” The image of the diplomat of the Alliance Office of Statistics flickered as if to accentuate her agitation “You have continued this for three months now, and what have you accomplished besides hundreds of casualties?” She continued “Lave space is a warzone, Tionisla was lost not long ago, and the ether is filled with hate propaganda against the Alliance!”

“Our war, you call it?” A greying man – spokesman of the Alliance Elite Diplomatic Corps – said snorting disdainfully “I’ll have you know, we are fighting for Alliance territory. LRN continues to oppress Alliance citizens in Lave, seizing their property and transporting them to planetside camps, never to be seen again.” He chuckled bitterly “Our war indeed.”

“We are not suggesting we condone the LRN’s actions against Alliance citizenry.” A third figure, a representative of SAP Core Legion, said. “But neither are we condoning this war. It does not have the blessing of the Alioth Council and it needs to end so we can resolve this conflict peacefully.”

“I believe the time for peace has long since passed, monsieur.” The image of youthful figure in a uniform with the insignia of the Alliance Military Force said. “This war moved beyond the reach of negotiations a long time ago.”

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CMDR Damian "DevilOnTheWall" Blaide
Mercenary / Anti-xeno activist
25 Apr 3305
Face of the Enemy: Chapter 6
Damian "DevilOnTheWall" Blaide
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Damian "DevilOnTheWall" Blaide
14 Aug 3304
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Damian "DevilOnTheWall" Blaide
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