Logbook entry

Scubadog / 26 Apr 3305
Beagle Point! Here at Last!

After a couple of minor delays, I finally touched down at Beagle Point 2. When I pulled up to orbit I came across the orbiting memorial to Zylo. Man, that story hit me much harder than I was expecting. The solitude and solemnity of looking back across the emptiness at our galaxy, coupled with the fact that my 5 little dogs are still back home at Colonia Dream, really took a toll on me. I suspect that means I'm going to make best possible time heading back to my space.

I'll spend a few days here, waiting for some of The Silverbacks who signed on for the DW2 caravan to arrive so we can raise a toast and share stories. I was stupid and lost my only SRV on the way from Explorer's Anchorage, so I can't even pick up rare materials while I'm here. I do have my fighter, so I might take that out for a spin. We'll see.

A few jumps back I came across a beautiful black hole system surrounded by a bright blue nebula. Pretty breathtaking stuff. And that's why I do this.

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