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Worldbuilder92 / 26 Apr 3305
Entry 04: Autopilot Updates

Day 19
Current System: Flyooe Dryeia JJ-G d11-0

The ship's been a bit livelier this week, as several things have come to light.  Amongst the most drastic news, we all received a broadcast from the Pilot's Federation indicating some new changes; aside from the "trainee sector" being established, all vessels were required to update their COVAS systems to account for new management and navigation systems.  Leo (my onboard COVAS) took the update well, considering; he's always been a bit... "cynical", we'll call it.  I think it's part of his programmed personality, but it's hard to fault him sometimes.  

More critically for us expedition Pilots, we received word from Canon regarding what their plans for the expedition are: we're not just going beyond the bubble, we're going outside.  The plan is to go slightly below the galactic disk, and explore worlds outside the normal reach of pilots.
The good news is, because of this, we'll definitely be seeing places that nobody has yet seen!
The bad news is, unless we have materials to boost our FSD jump range, we'll be stuck in each given system the Gnosis jumps to.

...which, at the moment, is bad, considering the current star system has nothing really to explore.  Just a group of 3 stars.  Ugh...

This has been a long week, and not a whole lot has happened of note.  About the most exciting thing that happened was I took the Locust out for a test of the autopilot feature installed.  Leo and I had fun, almost wrecked into the Gnosis when we were landing...so that happened.

I told hotshot about it over comms, he left to return back to the bubble.  He started laughing his ass off at my flying, and I poked fun at him back.  He’s a fun guy, goes by the callsign “Yoghurt”; even if he isn’t on board anymore, it’s still fun to chat with him!
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