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J Vinton / 26 Apr 3305
Zemina Torval

It's been a week since my last log entry, and honestly it's been a whirlwind of emotions since. First, I lost a good friend of mine Nicky Gibson during the destruction of my Gunship.

Second, up until now I had been drifting for almost 5 days. I'm writing this firmly inside the hold of Commander Blak's beautiful Cutter "The Sovereign Mongoose"

I learned something while I was drifting those few days: Jefferson Is funny as shit. Who knew an A.I. had such good jokes, not to mention perfect delivery. Had he not been able to detect my emotional state through his scanner, let alone not even been hooked into the escape pod, who knows how crazy I would have gone just drifting like that.

On the 5th day, FINALLY my radio crackled and from the static I could make out Blak's voice. He'd received my distress call and jumped a few hundred LY's to drag my ass out of the void. How I wound up in the company of Blak and The other Commanders of the Mining Consortium is beyond my explanation, but I'm eternally grateful for everything they've helped me do, not to mention Blak pulling himself away from Mining for a few days to rescue my stupid ass. I'm forever in his debt

Not all was truly good news however, After he poked fun at my predicament and told me to get cleaned up and feed, he then dropped an interesting bombshell on me: "V, I know you can't stand her, But we've aligned ourselves with Zemina Torval, her Mining Lances are just the thing we need to start cracking at those Diamond rocks over in Borann, the crust on some of those rocks is solid adamantium"

Anyone who knows me, knows one thing about me: I DESPISE SLAVERY!!! not to mention my Federal Blood. Not only is Ms Torval an Underground Slaver, she also happens to be an Imperial Senator.

I wonder if Blak knew this would drive me up the wall, or if he completely forgot. Either way, I'm not too happy about this alliance, but I am not the head of this outfit. And I trust Blak, so i'll follow.

We're Docking into Ohm City now, I could hear Corporal Hicks's voice on the intercom welcoming us " Commander Blak, Commander Vinton, good to have you two back in station, Please make your way to pad 30" The guys who control the auto dock system are pretty damn good at their job, they gracefully pulled Blak's Cutter in and docked it with 0 issues.

I thanked Blak for his assistance, telling him to give me a day or two to get some rest and asses my losses from the Gunship going up. Without Nick, I really don't have the stomach for combat at the present time. So, I think I'll undock the Type-9 and head to Borann here soon, need to clear my head and get back into the swing of things.

Until next week, Fly safe commanders.

Vinton signing off....
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