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ShadowAura / 27 Apr 3305
Journey to Sagittarius A: Prelude

Loc: Magellan
At the start of the year, I made the arduous journey from my home system in Imperial space to the distant outpost of Colonia. It may have been a arduous journey, but at least It was relatively safe. The thing about the journey from the bubble to Colonia is that there are multiple stations between the bubble and Colonia, these stations allowed me to repair my ships and restock on supplies and sell my exploration data. Unfortunately, the journey ahead has no pit stops or resupply, I will be on my own while I travel over 10,000 ly from Colonia to Sagittarius A.

As I conduct my final preparations and checks on my ship, the INV Voyageur, I can't help but feel a sense of dread and anticipation for the incoming journey. The route planning software on my ship took about 5 minutes to generate the shortest route from Colonia to Sagittarius A. It was a mind boggling 179 jumps from the start to the end. It would have me start from the Magellan system which has a neutron star as its main star which allows me to supercharge my first jump. I docked at the only starport in Magellan: Walhalla Port while I took in some last minute supplies and upgrades to my ship.

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CMDR ShadowAura
Trader / Explorer
08 May 3305
Journey to Sagittarius A: Day 8
03 May 3305
Journey to Sagittarius A: Day 3
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